Saturday, November 17, 2012

Women should represent women - TED talk July 2012

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  1. I am a female writer of a recent #1 selling Australian book; I am currently seeking to convert the book to film. As a strong woman, with a female subject matter I am only comfortable having the film produced or directed or both by a woman.
    Mattress Actress by Annika Cleeve...
    Mattress Actress is the story of Annika Cleeve’s eighteen years as a sex worker. Her troubled childhood in Queensland led to working in a brothel on the Sunshine Coast at the age of fifteen, and from there Annika worked her way up to the high-end parlours, agencies and private work in various parts of Australia and internationally. In this book Annika reveals the truth of a sex worker’s life; the clients, the girls, the parlour bosses, the rip-off merchants, the drug deaths, the white slavery, the discrimination, the corrupt police and politicians, the exotic travel and the money. Mattress Actress is a revealing and gutsy look at someone practising the world’s oldest profession in the late twentieth century. From wide-eyed innocent to experienced and successful professional, Annika’s story is both shocking and highly entertaining.