Monday, January 17, 2011

Assistant Directors


MTC has 4 paid Assistant Director positions available in 2011 for emerging or mid-career directors. The positions will be divided equally between women and men. For more information about these positions and the application process, please see

Applications close on Friday 11 February 2011 at 5pm.


  1. apparently over 160 people have applied - no indication of gender. What does this say about the supposed lack of female directors available and interested to work for the company?

  2. The MTC received funding for this initiative to discover new talent. So they said. Why is it then that the AD selected for Hamlet, as capable as she undoubtedly is, is the same lady which AD'd for their Richard III? In addition, this totals 11 MTC productions she has worked on. This appointment totals 50% of the opportunities for women in this initiative. Is this a carrot I see before me, its dangle before my hand? The MTC was very specific in their job description for those applying-do they not have an obligation to do what they say they are going to do? If the MTC already knew whom they wanted for this, why include this in the play list?

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