Thursday, August 26, 2010


Friday 10th September 4:30-8.30 and Saturday 11th September 9.30-6.30 @ the Arts Centre.

Registration fee: $40 covers Fri/Sat and includes opening night event, lunch & tea/coffee (Fri only $20 / Sat only $30)

The AWDA Creative Change Forum is shaping up to be a dynamic and inspiring event for our industry.

The focus of the event will be a celebration of the practice of women theatre makers and the possibilities for change and transformation in the theatre industry as we move towards greater diversity and inclusion in our companies and in our work.

Concepts and questions the forum will address include:
What is frightening about the notion of equal opportunity?
How do we challenge major companies to think about diversity in positive and energizing ways ?
Why do existing structures which currently control resources fear to grant women artistic and financial leadership?
Do women make different kind of leaders to men?
How will the inclusion of a broader range of artistic perspectives contribute to the dynamism of our cultural life?

These issues will be explored positively through panel discussion and break out groups. Leaders in other sectors of the community will speak about change, diversity and inclusive structures of work in their own area of practice. Women directors will reflect on their past and ongoing practice and the development of their aesthetic as artistic leaders. The forum will conclude with a facilitated series of discussions about the issues that delegates would like to address. Recommendations for future actions will come out of this discussion.

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